Thank you for visiting my brand new blog. I've been wanting to dedicate a section on my website solely to the Professional Birth Photography aspect of the work I love and enjoy so much. I hope you take a second to stop by frequently and see my most recent work. 

 "There is a power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates likes clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it". ~Sheryl Feldman



Jenna's Beautiful Home Birth

February 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Miracle of Life - Beautiful Home Birth - Metro Detroit Birth Photographer 


Let me start by saying Home Birth's never get old, I can't get enough of them, the relaxed environment, the comfort of being in your own home, the outstanding care of the midwives, I don't know, maybe just about everything about them. BUT I LOVE THEM! It's hard to pinpoint just one thing =). I had the honor of capturing Jenna's beautiful home birth December 3rd, 2014. I remember texting back and forth with Amy L (one of the midwives) since the night before. She wasn't sure if this was real labor or not as she had been contracting on and off for several days but this time she said to stick around. Since this was her 2nd baby and I wasn't sure how fast or slow things could go and I was about half an hour away I decided to head out to her side of town and do some Christmas shopping in the mean time. All I knew was they were not finding out the sex until after the birth and I knew I didn't want to miss the expression on their face at that moment. There sure was not shortness of love surrounding this beautiful mama, with the care of her husband, their 2.5 year old daughter and Jenna's mother this mama rocked her birth. Midwife Goldie Parker and Amy L. knowing that the dad was sick, upon their arrival they made a bone broth chicken veggie soup that I'm sure you could smell from blocks away. By the time I arrive to their gorgeously decorated home it had already been several hours (more like all night) that she had been in labor, but you could barely tell. I wasn't sure if she was 3cm or 9cm, her facial expressions were all the same throughout and barely any sound came out of her mouth. Baby Gianni was born approximately 4 hours after my arrival and Jenna's family couldn't wait any longer to find out the sex of the new arrival. Enough chit chat. Here are a few of the images from Jenna's home birth. 

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Boudoir Maternity

February 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Gorgeous - Metro Detroit Portrait Photographer - Boudoir Maternity


Bring your sexy on! I loved everything about this session, Margarete is the owner and doula behind The Grosse Pointe Doula - Margarete Rodeghier and partner at She contact me within the first trimester of pregnancy to inquire about my birth photography services and we hit it off right away. We happened to have a table at the MICROBIRTH Documentary Screening & Body-Birth-Baby Faiand was the winner of my Maternity give away package. Don't know if she was the lucky one or if it was me that she won, but when she asked if we could do a Boudoir Maternity I jumped in the bandwagon and said yes right away! I classify this session as Classy, Elegant with a little dash of spice.

  Maternity BoudoirMaternity BoudoirPortrait Photographer Maternity SessionMaternity SessionMaternity Boudoir Session Maternity SessionMaternity SessionBoudoir Maternity Metro Detroit Birth & Portrait PhotographerMetro Detroit Birth & Portrait PhotographerMichigan Maternity, Newborn, Birth & Portrait Photographer Maternity SessionMaternity SessionMichigan Portrait Photographer

The Home Birth of baby Stella

November 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The beautiful home birth of baby Stella. With Nine Short Months Doula and Midwifery Services


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Birth at HomeBirth at HomeMichigan Birth Photographer Home Birth Michigan PhotographerHome Birth Michigan PhotographerMetro Detroit Birth Photography at home Home BirthHome BirthMetro Detroit home birth, Michigan Birth Photographer

And this is how the Midwives celebrated another beautiful, uneventful and successful home birth.  

Michigan Birth PhotographerMichigan Birth PhotographerOakland Home birth with midwives

St. John Hospital & The Mother Nurture Project

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Did you know I'm still looking for one more expectant mom for the Mother Nurture Project? Although the photos needed have changed a bit, I'm still looking for a candidate that is 37+ weeks pregnant. I would love to represent a diversity of ethnicities and races. We have already made huge strides representing Caucasian, African American and others, but we need more, I would love to add more Latina, Middle Eastern and Asian. I've had the pleasure to work with amazing families already and couldn't be more proud of everything we have achieved. Thanks to all the mom's/families who took a time to participate and help make this project a success. I've had a blast! Now help me share the info and find that last candidate. 

Michigan Birth PhotographyMichigan Birth Photography

Brand new and First Post

November 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

Hello hello and  welcome to my brand new blog! This was/is one of my business goals I set January 1st 2014. Yes I know, it's November 11, 2014. A little over 11 months later but I realized one must start somewhere.

At the beginning of the year and after I have relaxed from the crazy holiday season I begin to make plans, ideas, wishes I would like to see flourish throughout the year. Not all of them come through or, I choose to pursue them and I'm not going to lie, it's not easy, writing and speaking are some of the most difficult tasks for me to commit to, English is not my first lenguage and I fear the unknown. But this place has a reason. This is the place that I want for those new parents thinking about birth differently. I want you to have a place to visit, where you will feel inspired by my previous work, maybe overcome your own fear of birth but most importantly find support, education and love. I look forward to sharing this space with the amazing birth community we have built in the Metro Detroit Area, wether it is with a Doctor, midwife, doula, birth educators, placenta encapsulators and everyone else that is involved in the birth community. I want this space to be for you! 

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