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Hey, Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about me. I'm going to make the story short for you ;).

My name is Yamile Branch. I'm a wife, a mother and a passionate Birth Photographer ... Okay, maybe not just birth; but I really love births. And babies, and children, and their parents and all the super awesome cool families I get to photograph every year =). 


Okay... Getting a little more serious.

My passion for photography started from an early age but blossomed into a full time adventure with the birth of my second child. I had a really hard time conceiving her and it was very important for me to have as much documented as possible. Unfortunately, at the time no body offered Birth Photography locally but with a little bit of guidance and cooperation from my husband and midwife, I was able to have some moments documented. A little over a year after her birth, I decided to follow my passion and found myself working alongside midwives and doulas and trying learn as much as possible about the birthing mamas, the important roles the partners play and their entire supporting team. Shortly after the births, I started documenting their newborn images, the children as they grow and their ever expanding families. Even their businesses. 

No mater which session we have together, I'm determined to nurture a relaxed friendly, long lasting relationship with all my clients. Whether in my studio or capturing your special most intimate moments. Don't expect to be rushed, told what to wear, strike a pose, or to don a fake smile!! I want your pictures to bring everlasting happy memories year after year.